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We have multilingual staff. Do you support other languages?

Every user can choose their language in user setting. By default, everyone's language is English. You can set it to a different language. Whenever there is a message in a language different from yours, a 'Translate' button appears that will show you translated message in your language in addition to the original message.

What platforms and browsers do you support?

HelloShift is accessible through any web-enabled device. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. We also have mobile apps:

How do I delete all overdue checklists?

Sometimes there are checklists that were not done on time and fill up the task panel. An admin user can delete all these checklists:

  • Click on “Collaboration” on the top blue bar and then choose “Checklists”
  • Click on the checklist that you want delete all overdue instance of
  • Click on the button "Clear All"
Why is my checklist not appearing in the To Do tab?

This may happen due to following reasons:

  • A checklist appears just a little before its start time. If you just created or enabled a checklist, you'll have to wait till the start time.
  • A checklist appears on the wall of the assigned person or department, not every wall.
  • 'Create Now' button on the checklist allows you to create a checklist.
  • If you are still having probles, please contact us with the name of the checklist.
Where can I see all the completed tasks/checklists?
  • Go to the wall where the checklist is assigned to and whre it appears
  • Click on "Completed" in the task panel
What is the difference between 'Completed' and 'Completed Within'?

Completed (alongwith Upcoming, Current, Overdue, All) applies to all tasks that were created within the specified time period. Completed Within, on the other hand, applies to all tasks that were completed within the specified time period irrespective of when they were created.

I'm not receiving notifications on my mobile app. What should I do?

The notification settings allow you to control the how many notifications you get. This video shows how you can set your notification settings.

  • Make sure your notification settings are correct
  • Remember you will not be notified about notes/tasks you create yourself. This is by design.
  • Notifications are also controlled at your device level. Make sure you have notification turned on for HelloShift. If you are not sure, re-install the app and accept the prompt during installation for receiving notification.
  • If none of this works, contact us and provide the note or task you did not receive notification for.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
  • If you have set your email in your account, you can recover your password by clicking 'Forgot Password?' on the 'Sign In' page. If you do not receive an email:
    • Check your Spam / Bulk folder
    • Make sure the email you are entering is the same one you have used for your HelloShift account
  • If your account does not have an email address, ask a user with an admin account to reset your password with a temporary value. After logging in, change your password.
How to delete unnecessary messages?

If you have admin rights, you can archive any message. The archive link is at the top right of every message.

How do I find the hotel short name for the mobile app?

Your hotel short name appears in your hotel URL: http://helloshift.com/sites//walls. If you have admin rights:

  • Click on 'My Sites' under your name on top right
  • You will find the short name under your hotel name
I just created a new user. What is the password?

Every new account gets a password assigned by the system which is username + . You can find the on the Users page.

Our staff members do not want to download the app.

How do I add a second property to my account?

Please send us the following information and we'll set it up for you:

  • Hotel Name
  • Preferred Hotel Short Name
  • Number of Rooms
  • Timezone
  • If you want other people from the first property (apart from you) to be also in the second one, let's know their names and email addresses.
What is my username? It is blank in my settings.

If you have an email address then you do not need a username. Your email works as your username for signing in.

When I converted a note into a task, the tag I entered in the subject field was not highlighted.

The task subject field is like the subject field of an email. The tag in the subject is not clickable. But do not worry, our system recognizes the tag and will associate this task with the tag.

How do I manage a wait list for my sold out dates?

There are a couple of ways of handling this:

  1. Tag all waitlist notes with #WaitList. Add an item in AM checklist to call the people on the WaitList and add comments.
  2. Create a task for the date '9/25/2020 Sold Out' and add subtasks for each wait list request. Here is a video to show you how to do this.
How do I use Objectives?

Setting objectives in HelloShift is based on a popular technique called Objectives and Key Results (OKR).

Objectives help align your entire staff towards a hotel-wide goal: more loyalty signups, improved guest service, more TripAdvisor reviews etc. To achieve an objective, it must be tied to key results that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. e.g.

Become #1 for our brand in the region
Satisfaction Score
Rewards Signup
Why do Mentions not work sometimes?

Mentions are for looping in and notifying internal hotel staff. As a result, it does not make sense in messages that guests receive. Mentions are also disabled in private 1-1 messages.

How do you I pay for my account?

An admin user can pay by choosing "My Sites" under name on top right, and then clicking "Update Subscription."

How do I make users see all departments without making them all admins?

On your hotel setting page you have the option: 'All walls to everyone.' If you turn this option ON then users can see all walls.

How do I get the big red notification for guest messages?

The big red guest notification is only shown to members of the Front Desk department. You can change this in the hotel setting to allow everyone in the hotel get this notification. Note, to receive these notifications on your mobile device or via email, turn the notification for 'Guests' in your user setting.

How is the order of tasks determined?

By default, the tasks are arranged on a linear timeline based on their start and end time. So, the top most task in overdue is the one that was due ahead of all the other ones. The top most task in current is the one whose due date is expiring the soonest. In upcoming, the topmost task is the one that will become current the soonest. The tasks thus move from the bottom to the top as time goes by.

Note you can use the sort button on top right to sort the tasks alphabetically.

We have setup some of our staff to share the same login. Is this wrong?

Having separate logins allows accountability. Each user action is tracked sepratedly. Users can be mentioned by their names in addition to be mentioned as a department. Consider giving your staff indivisual accounts and putting them in a shared department (instead of shared login). A shared department allows the entire group to be treated as one in terms of accountability and notifications.