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Over 70% of real-time chats are questions about bookings. Guests can chat with the front desk on your website and continue the conversation through text messages, phone conversations, and email - whatever the guest wants. On the back end, your front desk responds using HelloShift’s easy hotel communication app. It’s a seamless experience for all parties. And it opens up a whole new direct sales channel for your hotel.

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Actual Real-time Chats

Guests want answers right away - they don’t have time or energy to wade through your site, wait on hold to get their questions answered, or hope for a reply from an email.

Need a room 3 nights, one person, Aug 11, checking out Aug 14

I keep getting error messages on your res page. Do you or do you not have a king suite avail Dec1?

are refrigerators available in-room upon request?

I wanted to confirm my reservation please

I am trying to book online but it will not let me enter a canadian province in the address.

I made a reservation for a future employee for me and would like to cover all charges

I wanted to make a reservation. I booked through because your website said that it was full.

Hi do your bathrooms have blow dryers? Thanks

Is there a charge for a roll out bed if we decide to use one?

I would like to reserve 9 rooms from 9/18 for 4 nights

wow! thank you so much for your help i appreciate it a lot!

I am looking on line but it appears you don't have anything available for two nights, 7/25 - 7/27

How it Works

Our real time Chat Widget transforms hotel communication by connecting visitors to your website with the power of HelloShift’s staff collaboration platform. Your front desk is already using HelloShift to get work done. Now they can take a guest request from your website and reply instantly, creating tasks for other shifts or departments to accommodate guest requests or asking management for help resolving an issue.

Your guests have the simple experience of using your real time website chat widget and continuing the conversation through text, email, or phone. Guests don’t need to install any apps or jump through any hoops in this seamless experience.


Front Desk greets every website visitor, just as they greet a walkin-in guest.
Guest greeting


This is real-time chat, not live chat. We set expectation and offer visitor to continue chat over SMS or Email.
Guest expectation


Visitors chat with staff just as eaily as they chat with walk-in guests.

  • Whether it is from widget, SMS, or email, all conversations are integrated in one seamless flow.
  • Quick replies for frequently asked questions via “snippets.”
  • With automatic tracking, no enquiry goes unanswered.
  • Tricky question? Collaborate behind the scenes!
Guest interaction


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